Work package 5

Data integration and management [Months: 1-54]

This work package is led by Pedro Gonçalves, TERRADUE (lead) and Torill Hamre, NERSC (co-lead). As part of iAOS WP5 will integrate distributed databases holding ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere, terrestrial, and community based data, and provide a common entry point to data originating from a wide range of observation networks, scientific campaigns and satellite missions, as well as new data generated within the project. iAOS will use state of the art cloud computing technologies to facilitate seamless access to multidisciplinary data, scalable allocation of data storage and computer power for big data processing, integration and analysis including geo-statistical methods. The usefulness and functionality of the platform in service development will be demonstrated in selected applications.

WP5 Data integration

Workpackage tasksTask leaderE-mail

Task 5.0 Coordination of workpackage

P. Gonçalves, Terradue

Task 5.1 System requirements

P. Gonçalves, Terradue

Task 5.2 iAOS platform deployment

P. Gonçalves, Terradue

Task 5.3 Integrate data from repositories

I. Schewe, AWI

Task 5.4 Geospatial methods

H. Wackernagel, ARMINES

Task 5.5 Integration of new proc services

P. Gonçalves, Terradue

Task 5.6 iAOS portal development

T. Hamre, NERSC

Task 5.7 Synthesis of iAOS deployment

P. Gonçalves, Terradue