Public deliverables

Number Name Description
D1.1 Initial Requirement Report

The detailed analysis of phenomena and observation requirements for the Arctic region given in this report reveals the following conclusions:
• The Arctic is a region very sensitive to environmental changes. There is a very close interrelation and delicate balance between the five thematic areas investigated (atmosphere, terrestrial, cryosphere, sea ice and ocean), especially in relation...

D1.2 Data Management Plan V1 Start

This document is the first version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) for the INTAROS
project. The DMP describes how new datasets collected or generated by partners in the frame
of the project, will be managed according to guidelines for FAIR data management in H2020.
INTAROS will collect new observations and generate high-level data products from different

D7.1 Project website

Communication in INTAROS is a cross-cutting activity that is strategically planned with a view to the societal impacts we want to bring about. By developing a coherent communication plan (WP7) addressing focused activities INTAROS will raise awareness and engagement in issues of Artic observations. We target different stakeholder groups, namely: policy and decision makers; business sectors;...

D7.2 Print Materials V1

The INTAROS Print Materials are a central part of the Dissemination strategy for the project. They function in conjunction with the products of Task 7.1 – the project website (Deliverable 7.1), e-newsletter, project identity toolkit and branding – to impart a professional quality to the project outputs and recommendations. This document describes how the project identity was conceived, the...

D7.3 Dissemination Plan V1

The H2020 programme calls for a Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results (PEDR) to be included in each and every project to facility the transfer of knowledge outputs directly to the market. The Dissemination Plan contributes to this strategy by defining projects, messages and target audiences for the project outcomes.
This document describes the events, workshops, working...

D8.2 Gender and diversity action plan

The aim of this plan is to improve gender balance and diversity in the project. This will be done through the following activities:
• promoting understanding among researchers and other project personnel on the “gender and science” issue and make them more sensitive towards the gender dimension of/in science;
• including the gender dimension throughout the research project;...

D8.3 Terms of reference - Advisory panels

This document described the role and terms of reference of the Stakeholder and Innovation Advisory Panel and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, which will be appointed in the first year of the project. There will be at least 5 members of each panel, and they will be invited to attend the General Assembly meetings once per year and review the progress during the last year. The panels...