Public deliverables

Number Name Description
D3.14 First implementation and data: Ocean and sea ice

Describes autonomous components of the Arctic observing system for ocean and sea ice measurements that were implemented during the first field season under INTAROS. Instruments and platforms described in D3.4 drift freely on the sea ice or in the water column (ice tethered platforms, ice buoys and floats), move along preprogrammed tracks (gliders) or measure autonomously at fixed locations (...

D3.6 First implementation and data: Greenland

Describes the first implementation and results of use of INTAROS WP3 (Task 3.1) for the Coastal Greenland reference site, which is identified as a key location for freshwater output from the Greenland ice sheet to the ocean.

D3.7 First implementation and data: North of Svalbard

The first implementation was deployed successfully in August 2018 using the Coast Guard icebreaker KV Svalbard and retrieved with KV Svalbard in August/September and with the research icebreaker RV Kronprins Håkon in September and November 2019. All recovered instrument and sensor provided full data return therefore a full annual cycle of multidisciplinary data was obtained.

D3.8 First implementation and data: Fram Strait

The state-of-the-art in the implementation of new observing systems developed within the INTAROS project as well as the optimization of existing systems in Fram Strait. In addition, it reports on results from the observing systems and describes ways for the delivery of data retrieved by these systems

D3.9 First implementation and data: Atmosphere and land

Focuses on (a) atmospheric observation of the main greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) using ground, mobile and airborne eddy covariance observations to deter-mine the atmospheric concentrations and fluxes in North slope of Alaska and Sweden; (b) trace gases monitoring of N2O, SF6, CO, O2/N2 using a flask sampler for the automated collection of air samples under standardized conditions; (c) effects...