ASSW2021: Session ID:60 - Integrating Arctic observing systems – results from the H2020 INTAROS project

Friday, March 26, 2021 - 09:00 to 11:00

The INTAROS project is developing integrated observing systems in the Arctic, including improvement of data sharing and dissemination services ( INTAROS supports several systems providing data from ocean, atmosphere, cryosphere and terrestrial themes across the Arctic region. Ocean data are provided by bottom-mounted systems, ship surveys, Argo floats, ice platforms and Ferrybox systems. Terrestrial stations provide observations of meteorological, hydrological, and cryospheric variables, soil temperature and fluxes of climate gases. INTAROS also contributes to Community-Based Monitoring programmes, where data collected in local communities are provided and made available for users. A major challenge in Arctic data dissemination and data sharing is the heterogeneity and complexity in data collected in the difference scientific disciplines. INTAROS is therefore supporting work to build distributed and connected databases in agreement with the FAIR principles.

Conveners: Stein Sandven (Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center), Alexandra Touzeau (University of Bergen) and Roberta Pirazzini (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Oral presentations:
08:00 - Introduction by the conveners
08:05 - Exploitation of existing observing systems, Roberta Pirazzini, Michael Tjernström, Peter Thorne, Andreas Ahlstrøm and David Gustafsson
08:20 - Demonstrating applications of an Integrated Arctic Observing System towards selected, diverse stakeholder groups, Geir Ottersen, Mikael Sejr, Tim Kruschke, Gro van der Meeren, Hanne Sagen, Anne M. Solgaard, Mathias Göckede, Finn Danielsen and Marie Maar
08:35 - Enhancement of in situ observing systems in the Arctic, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Andreas Ahlstrøm and Peter Voss, Truls Johannessen, Hanne Sagen, Thomas Soltwedel and Mathias Göckede
08:50 - Acoustic networks - in an Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System, Hanne Sagen, Matthew A .Dzieciuch, Peter F. Worcester, Espen Storheim, Florian Geyer and Stein Sandven
09:05 - Monitoring of an Arctic underwater soundscape (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard) and impact of shipping noise (INTAROS Project), Gaëtan Richard, Delphine Mathias, Julien Bonnel, Erwan Amice and Laurent Chauvaud
09:20 - Communities and environmental monitoring, Finn Danielsen, Lisbeth Iversen, Martin Enghoff, Michael K. Poulsen, Peter Voss and Mathilde B. Sørensen
09:35 - Open discussion on orals and posters

E-Posters in this session
1) Actions towards maximizing dissemination and communication for an Integrated Arctic Observing System (INTAROS), Ruth Higgins, Finn Danie lsen, Lisbeth Iversen, Donatella Zona, Agata Gozdzik, Thomas Juul Pedersen, Kjetil Lygre and Stein Sandven
2) Building integrated Arctic observing systems from in situ platforms, Stein Sandven, Hanne Sagen , Roberta Pirazzini, Agnieszka Beszczynska-Möller, Peter Voss, Finn Danielsen, Lisbeth Iversen, Pedro Goncalves, Torill Hamre, Geir Ottersen, Mikael Sejr, David Gustavson, Donatell Zona, Ruth Higgins and Erik Buch.
3) Data management in an integrated Arctic Observing System, Torill Hamre, Herve Caumont, Ingo Schewe, Arnfinn Morvik and Fabien Ors
4) INTAROS Educational packages on terrestial and marine monitoring to enhance literacy of Arctic Observations and interest in scientific careers among secondary schools' students, Agata Goździk