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Added value of assimilating springtime Arctic sea ice concentration in summer-fall climate predictions 2022-05-04 J.C.Acosta Navarro; J. García-Serrano; V. Lapin; P. Ortega Journal Article
INTAROS synthesis of gap analysis of the existing Arctic observing systems 2022-05-04 R. Pirazzin; M. Tjernström; S. Sandven; H. Sagen Conference Proceedings Article
Citizen Science 2022-04-26 D. Fraisl; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Introduction to the special issue on ocean acoustics in the changing Arctic 2022-04-22 P.F. Worcester; M. Badiey; H. Sagen Journal Article
Mapping Arctic Observing Systems and In Situ Data Collections 2022-04-12 F. Monsen; T. Olaussen; H. Sagen; T. Hamre; G. F.; K. Lygre; R. Pirazzini Journal Article
A dataset consisting of a two-year long temperature and sound speed time series from acoustic tomography in Fram Strait, 2022-04-01 F. Geyer; H. Sagen; B. Dushaw; A. Yamakawa; H.M. Dzieciuch; Journal Article
Challenges, strategies and impacts of doing citizen science with marginalized and Indigenous Communities 2022-02-28 P. Benyei; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Community Monitoring of Natural Resource Systems and the Environment 2022-02-28 F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Acidification of the Nordic Seas 2022-02-17 F. Fransner; F. Fröb; J. Tjiputra; N. Goris; S.K. Lauvset; I. Skjelvan; E. Jeansson; A. Omar; Chierici; E. Jones; A. Fransson; S.R. Ólafsdóttir; T. Johannessen; A. Olsen Journal Article
Monitoring Temporal Trends in Internet Searches for “Ticks” across Europe by Google Trends: Tick–Human Interaction or General Interest? 2022-02-08 P.M. Jensen; F. Danielsen; S. Skarphedinsson Journal Article
Grazing enhances carbon cycling but reduces methane emission during peak growing season in the Siberian Pleistocene Park tundra site 2022-02-02 W. Fischer; C.K. Thomas; N. Zimov; M. Göckede Journal Article
Representativeness assessment of the pan-Arctic eddy-covariance site network, and optimized future enhancements 2022-02-02 M.M.T.A. Pallandt; J. Kumar; M. Mauritz; E.A.G. Schuur; A.M. Virkkala; G. Celis; F.M. Hoffman; M. Göckede Journal Article
Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks’ (SAON) Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS) 2022-02-01 S. Starkweather; J.R. Larsen; E. Kruemmel; H. Eicken; D. Arthurs; A.C. Bradley; N. Carlo; T. Christensen; R. Daniel; F. Danielsen; S. Kalhok; M. Karcher; M. Johansson; H. Jóhannsson; Y. Kodam; S. Lund; M.S. Murra; T. Petäjä; ; S. Sandven; R.D. Sankar; ; J. Wilkinson Journal Article
Components of 21 years (1995–2015) of absolute sea level trends in the Arctic 2022-01-22 C.B. Ludwigsen; O.B. Andersen; S.K. Rose Journal Article
GNSS-IR Measurements of Inter Annual Sea Level Variations in Thule, Greenland from 2008–2019 2021-12-14 T.S. Dahl-Jensen; O.B. Andersen; S.D.P. Williams; V. Helm; S.A. Khan Journal Article