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An Updated View on Water Masses on the pan‐West Greenland Continental Shelf and Their Link to Proglacial Fjords 2020-12-10 S. Rysgaard; W. Boone; D. Carlson; M.K. Sejr; J. Bendtsen; T. Juul‐Pedersen; H. Lund; L. Meire; J. Mortensen Journal Article
Understanding Regional and Seasonal Variability Is Key to Gaining a Pan-Arctic Perspective on Arctic Ocean Freshening 2020-12-10 K.A. Brown; J.M. Holdingk; E.C. Carmack Journal Article
Proceedings of the Experience Exchange Workshop in Japan, Collaborative Resource Management and Community Based Monitoring in the Arctic 2020-11-25 NORDECO Miscellaneous
Outreach Special issue on ERL 2020-11-25 USFD Miscellaneous
Vertical Land Motion From Present‐Day Deglaciation in the Wider Arctic. 2020-11-25 C.Ankjær Ludwigsen; S.Abbas Khan; O.Baltazar Andersen; B. Marzeon Journal Article
Interview on RTE (Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster - Let's Dive In podcast) 2020-11-24 UiB Presentation
Worldwide version-controlled database of glacier thickness observations. 2020-11-24 E. Welty; M. Zemp; F.J. Navarro; M. Huss; J.J. Fürst; I. Gärtner-Roer; J. Landmann; H. Machguth; K. Naegeli; L.M. Andreassen; D. Farinotti; H. Li; G.T.D. Contributors Journal Article
Contribution of shipping noise in an Arctic underwater soundscape (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard). Oral presentation at IQOE Virtual Conference on Arctic Ocean Acoustics 2020-11-23 G. Richard; D. Mathias; J. Bonnel; E. Amice; L. Chauvaud. Presentation
SIOS Marine Infrastructure Workshop 2020-11-19 IOPAN; CNRS Miscellaneous
NORDREGIO Forum. Panel on Asset Based Community Development and Co-Creation approaches 2020-11-18 L. Iversen Presentation
Workshop with Barents Sea stakeholders (management and industry) 2020-11-17 IMR Miscellaneous
Greenland liquid water discharge from 1958 through 2019. 2020-11-14 K.D. Mankoff; B. Noël; X. Fettweis; A.P. Ahlstrøm; W. Colgan; K. Kondo; K. Langley; S. Sugiyama; D. van As; R.S. Fausto Journal Article
IQOE Virtual Conference on Acoustics in the Arctic Ocean, 11-12 Nov 2020 2020-11-11 NERSC Miscellaneous
Preparing the New Phase of Argo: Scientific Achievements of the NAOS Project. 2020-11-05 P.Y. Le Traon; F. D’Ortenzio; M. Babin; E. Leymarie; C. Marec; S. Pouliquen; et al Journal Article
Preparing the New Phase of Argo: Technological Developments on Profiling Floats in the NAOS Project 2020-11-05 X. André; P.Y. Le Traon; S. Le Reste; V. Dutreuil; E. Leymarie; D. Malardé; et al. Journal Article