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Publication Title Date Publishedsort ascending Authors Type of Publication
Understanding Regional and Seasonal Variability Is Key to Gaining a Pan-Arctic Perspective on Arctic Ocean Freshening 2020-12-10 K.A. Brown; J.M. Holdingk; E.C. Carmack Journal Article
An Updated View on Water Masses on the pan‐West Greenland Continental Shelf and Their Link to Proglacial Fjords 2020-12-10 S. Rysgaard; W. Boone; D. Carlson; M.K. Sejr; J. Bendtsen; T. Juul‐Pedersen; H. Lund; L. Meire; J. Mortensen Journal Article
A versatile marine modelling tool applied to arctic, temperate and tropical waters 2020-06-10 C.Mohn Janus Larsen; A. Pastor; M. Maar Journal Article
When Clocks Are Not Working: OBS Time Correction 2020-05-15 K. Loviknes; Z. Jeddi; L. Ottemöller; T. Barreyre Journal Article
Impact of shrubs on snow specific surface area and surface albedo at a low arctic site – in-situ measurements and simulations 2020-03-21 M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; M. Barrere; G. Picard; L. Arnaud Journal Article
Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom 2020-01-27 P. Massicotte Journal Article
Combined SMAP–SMOS thin sea ice thickness retrieval 2019-02-28 C. Paţilea; G. Heygster; M. Huntemann; G. Spreen Journal Article
Towards an advanced observation system for the marine Arctic in the framework of the Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) 2019-02-13 T. Vihma; P. Uotila; S. Sandven; D. Pozdnyakov; A. Makshtas; A. Pelyasov; R. Pirazzini; F. Danielsen; S. Chalov; H.K. Lappalainen; V. Ivanov; I. Frolov; A. Albin; B. Cheng; S. Dobrolyubov; V. Arkhipkin; S. Myslenkov; T. Petäjä; M. Kulmala Journal Article
Routine uncertainty propagation for the marine carbon dioxide system 2018-11-20 J.C. Orr; J.M. Epitalon; A.G. Dickson; J.P. Gattuso Journal Article
A two-dimensional glacier–fjord coupled model applied to estimate submarine melt rates and front position changes of Hansbreen, Svalbard 2018-09-26 E. DE ANDRÉS; J. OTERO; F. NAVARRO; A. PROMIŃSKA; J. LAPAZARAN; W. WALCZOWSKI Journal Article
Dynamique de l'apport d'eau Atlantique vers l'Arctique a partir de drones sous-marins 2018-09-03 P. Roland Thesis / Dissertation
Toward Understanding the Contribution of Waterbodies to the Methane Emissions of a Permafrost Landscape on a Regional Scale – A Case Study from the Mackenzie Delta, Canada 2018-09-01 K. Kohnert; B. Juhls; S. Muster; S. Antonova; A. Serafimovich; S. Metzger; J. Hartmann; T. Sachs Journal Article
New calibration procedures for airborne turbulence measurements and accuracy of the methane fluxes during the AirMeth campaigns 2018-07-31 J. Hartmann; M. Gehrmann; K. Kohnert; S. Metzger; T. Sachs Journal Article
Upscaling surface energy fluxes over the North Slope of Alaska using airborne eddy-covariance measurements and environmental response functions 2018-07-13 A. Serafimovich; S. Metzger; J. Hartmann; K. Kohnert; D. Zona; T. Sachs Journal Article