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Publication Title Date Publishedsort ascending Authors Type of Publication
Using ice-ocean environment from GECCO reanalysis into Bellhop to better understand sound propagation in the Fram Strait 201-12-14 S. Hu; H. Sagen; E. Storheim; W. Chen; B. Yin Journal Article
INTAROS Community-Based Monitoring Experience Exchange Workshop Report M. Fidel; N. Johnson; F. Danielsen; H. Eicken; L. Iversen; O. Lee; C. Strawhacker Book
Coastal erosion and mass wasting along the Canadian Beaufort Sea based on annual airborne LiDAR elevation data J. Obu Journal Article
Data Sovereignty in Community-Based Environmental Monitoring: A minimum standard for equitable environmental data governance V. Reyes-Garcia; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
New allometric equations for arctic shrubs and their application for calculating the albedo of surfaces with snow and protruding branches. M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; S. Boudreau; G. Picard; M. Barrere; L. Arnaud; M. Paradis Journal Article
The Underwater Vision Profiler 6: an imaging sensor of particle size spectra and plankton, for autonomous and cabled platforms M. Picheral; C. Catalano; D. Brousseau; H. Claustre; L. Coppola; E. Leymarie; J. Coindat; F. Dias; S. Fevre; L. Guidi; J.O. Irisson; L. Legendre; F. Lombard; L. Mortier; C. Penkerch; A. Rogge; C. Schmechtig; S. Thibault; T. Tixier; A. Waite; L. Stemmann Journal Article
Arctic carbon cycling T.R. Christensen Book Chapter
Kongsfjorden as harbinger of the future Arctic: knowns, unknowns and research priorities K. Bischof; P. Convey; P. Duarte; G. J.-P.; M. Granberg; H. Hop; C. Hoppe; C. Jimenez; L. Lisitsyn; B. Martinez; M.Y. Roleda; P. Thor; J.M. Wiktor; G.W. Gabrielsen Book Chapter
EU-PolarNet General Assembly, ASSW 3 April 2017 S. Sandven Presentation
SAON Board Meeting, ASSW 07 April 2017 S. Sandven Presentation
Multipurpose Acoustic Networks in the Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System. H. Sagen Presentation