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Using ice-ocean environment from GECCO reanalysis into Bellhop to better understand sound propagation in the Fram Strait 201-12-14 S. Hu; H. Sagen; E. Storheim; W. Chen; B. Yin Journal Article
Data Sovereignty in Community-Based Environmental Monitoring: A minimum standard for equitable environmental data governance V. Reyes-Garcia; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
New allometric equations for arctic shrubs and their application for calculating the albedo of surfaces with snow and protruding branches. M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; S. Boudreau; G. Picard; M. Barrere; L. Arnaud; M. Paradis Journal Article
INTAROS Community-Based Monitoring Experience Exchange Workshop Report M. Fidel; N. Johnson; F. Danielsen; H. Eicken; L. Iversen; O. Lee; C. Strawhacker Book
The Underwater Vision Profiler 6: an imaging sensor of particle size spectra and plankton, for autonomous and cabled platforms M. Picheral; C. Catalano; D. Brousseau; H. Claustre; L. Coppola; E. Leymarie; J. Coindat; F. Dias; S. Fevre; L. Guidi; J.O. Irisson; L. Legendre; F. Lombard; L. Mortier; C. Penkerch; A. Rogge; C. Schmechtig; S. Thibault; T. Tixier; A. Waite; L. Stemmann Journal Article
Coastal erosion and mass wasting along the Canadian Beaufort Sea based on annual airborne LiDAR elevation data J. Obu Journal Article
Kongsfjorden as harbinger of the future Arctic: knowns, unknowns and research priorities K. Bischof; P. Convey; P. Duarte; G. J.-P.; M. Granberg; H. Hop; C. Hoppe; C. Jimenez; L. Lisitsyn; B. Martinez; M.Y. Roleda; P. Thor; J.M. Wiktor; G.W. Gabrielsen Book Chapter
EU-PolarNet General Assembly, ASSW 3 April 2017 S. Sandven Presentation
SAON Board Meeting, ASSW 07 April 2017 S. Sandven Presentation
Multipurpose Acoustic Networks in the Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System. H. Sagen Presentation
Arctic carbon cycling T.R. Christensen Book Chapter