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Strong geologic methane emissions from discontinuous terrestrial permafrost in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada 19.07.2017 K. Kohnert Journal Article
Taiga deployment (EGO glider : tintin) 20.09.2017 M.N. Houssais; C. Herbaut; P. Testor; L. Mortier Report
Toward Understanding the Contribution of Waterbodies to the Methane Emissions of a Permafrost Landscape on a Regional Scale – A Case Study from the Mackenzie Delta, Canada 01.09.2018 K. Kohnert; B. Juhls; S. Muster; S. Antonova; A. Serafimovich; S. Metzger; J. Hartmann; T. Sachs Journal Article
Tundra photosynthesis captured by satellite-observed solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence 04.02.2017 K.A. Luus; R. Commane; N.C. Parazoo; J. Benmergui; E.S. Euskirchen; C. Frankenberg; J. Joiner; J. Lindaas; C.E. Miller; W.C. Oechel; D. Zona; S. Wofsy; J.C. Lin Journal Article
Tundra water budget and implications of precipitation underestimation 04.18.2017 A.K. Liljedahl; L.D. Hinzman; D.L. Kane; W.C. Oechel; C.E. Tweedie; D. Zona Journal Article
Upscaling surface energy fluxes over the North Slope of Alaska using airborne eddy-covariance measurements and environmental response functions 13.07.2018 A. Serafimovich; S. Metzger; J. Hartmann; K. Kohnert; D. Zona; T. Sachs Journal Article
Weaving knowledge systems in IPBES, CBD and beyond - lessons learned for sustainability 31.03.2017 M. Tengö Journal Article
Year-round simulated methane emissions from a permafrost ecosystem in NortheastSiberia 04.05.2018 K. Castro-Morales; T. Kleinen; S. Kaiser; S. Zaehle; F. Kittler; M.Jung Kwon; C. Beer; M. Göckede Journal Article