29 - UHEL

Prof. Markku Kulmala
Dr. Hanna K. Lappalainen
Dr. Antti Lauri
Dr. Tuukka Petäjä
Dr. Tanja Suni

Helsingin yliopistosta
University of Helsinki
00014 University of Helsinki



The Department of Physics, Div. Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki has over 30 years of experience in atmospheric research. 150 scientists and doctoral students are currently engaged in this area. The main research subjects are aerosol dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, climate change, dynamic and radar meteorology, forest-atmosphere interactions, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, and urban air quality. With the multidisciplinary team structure and comprehensive measurement and modeling tools, ATM is one of the few groups in the World capable of efficiently combining the climate change, greenhouse gases, trace gases, aerosol processes and vegetation processes.

Role in the project

University of Helsinki (UHEL) will contribute to

  • WP2: coordination of several Russian data pools (10-15 institutes) via PEEX HQ including conceptual design of in situ station network in Russian with common data formats and SMEAR data concept
  • WP7: organization of the data analysis summer school at the Hyytiälä field station, the SMEAR-II super site, contributing the dissemination of the project outcome to several stakeholder groups vie Future Earth Europe Alliance activities and via Pan-Eurasian Experiment  (PEEX) to Russian stakeholder communities, organization of Europe-Russia-China workshop to support the EU strategy for the Arctic and better informed decision making.