24 - TDUE

Dr. Pedro Gonçalves
Emmanuel Mathot
Cesare Rossi

Terradue Srl
Via Giovanni Amendola, 46
00185 Rome



Terradue Srl addresses the Earth Sciences research & education sector, with core competencies aimed at engineering distributed systems and Cloud services, providing consultancy for international organizations, and developing partners programs in support of Terradue's Open Source Platforms and Standardization strategy. Terradue is a leading Cloud Services provider with current developments focusing on empowering researchers within seamless eScience infrastructures, for curating and delivering scientific information, and to create Cloud marketplaces for environmental data analytics and promoting a vision where scientific publications are fully reproducible, verifiable experiments and part of an interoperable ecosystem.

The company founders worked for nearly four years in the development of the Grid infrastructure in ESRIN, the ESA G-POD (Grid Processing on Demand for Earth Observation). Since 2006 Terradue maintains and supports the integration of operational applications and services according to ESA Software Engineering standards. Terradue is also responsible of the integration of the ESA EO routine production processors and Principal Investigators scientific applications on the infrastructure in the frame of a dedicated announcement of opportunities. 

Role in the project

Terradue brings to the consortium its expertise in the provision of EO data and distributed computing platforms, enabling scientific applications to exploit distributed processing capabilities without reengineering them. Terradue will lead WP5 and provide its cloud platform and framework for developing and hosting services and products for WP6.