20 - UPM

Dr. Francisco Navarro
Dr. María Isabel Corcuera
Dr. Javier Lapazaran
Dr. Jaime Otero

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid




The “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid” (http://www.upm.es/) is a rather young university, established in 1971, though it was created from the merging of pre-existing engineering schools, some founded during the 18th century. It is focused on engineering studies, and is structured into 18 schools and faculties, plus 17 research centres. It currently has an academic and research staff over 3000 people (plus 500 non-permanent researchers) and an administration and services staff of over 2000. The number of undergraduate students is above 35000, while Master’s and PhD students are above 2000 and 3000, respectively.

The research team participation in this proposal is the Glaciology Section of a wider research group within the university, the Group of Numerical Simulation in Science and Engineering (www.gsnci.upm.es/en/home), made up of 10 academic and research staff plus 10 other researchers or graduate students. The Glaciology Section focuses its research on numerical modelling of glacier dynamics, ground-penetrating radar applications to glaciology, and glacier mass balance.

Role in the project

UPM team will participate in work packages WP2 (assessment of existing cryospheric observing systems), WP3 (development of a new ground-penetrating radar with improved technical characteristics) and WP6 (showing to stakeholders the performance of the iAOS by means of a demonstration combining a large set of data from various sources into a modelling experiment, using a data assimilation approach).