iAOS Portal with User Manual V1

This document describes the iAOS portal, which provides a joint access point to the data integrated by iAOS. The iAOS portal has been developed in cooperation with users, based on their requirements for search and access, processing and visualization of data. These requirements have been captured in a set of user stories, which is a systematic approach in agile software development for involving users in the process of building an information system. A selection of these user stories is included in this document. Further user stories are and will be developed in the course of the INTAROS project, to ensure the developed iAOS portal serves the needs of the targeted users and stakeholders. Only user stories currently under development are included in this report.
The design and implementation of the iAOS portal are also outlined in this document. We have selected the CKAN - the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network - an open source data management platform as the basis for the iAOS portal. CKAN is a widely used platform for management and dissemination of open geographic data. CKAN provides a number of features out-of-the-box, such as dataset, organisation and group management, ready-made templates for presentation of catalogue content, and a role-based user management system. In addition, CKAN provides a flexible extension mechanism that enables developers to implement new features that can draw upon the core functionality to provide customised user interfaces for entry, editing and display of geographic datasets.
The first version of the iAOS portal is focused on INTAROS Data Catalogue, which is found at:


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