Data Integrated from Existing Repositories V1

This deliverable document contains a summary about the first 'expansion phase' of the ‘Data Integration from Existing Repositories’ into the iAOS. Basically the work for this deliverable would not be possible at all without a close entanglement of the duties in task 2.3 and task 5.3. Accordingly, there was close cooperation between WP2 and WP5 in the respective project phase. This manifests itself, for example, in the fact that an important basis for the first work steps in task 5.3 was very much directed by results of the assessment in WP2. The assessments of the technical maturity level were therefore an important driving factor for the selection of first ‘show-cases’ demonstrating the integration into the iAOS.
Against this background, this document is divided into a description which technical metadata is available after assessment and which general requirements for Data integration from existing repositories into the iAOS are necessary. After a further description which selection criteria were used to qualify for a show-case, an outlook follows which further steps will probably be necessary until the end of the project in order to be able to integrate as many data sources as possible into iAOS.
Basically this document is to be understood as a living document, which should be constantly updated in the course of the further project in order to document the corresponding steps of the integration of data sources into iAOS. This will then lead to the end of the project in version two of this deliverable 'Data Integrated from Existing Repositories V2', D5.9, M54.

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