IAOS Platform and Tools v1

This document defines the iAOS platform and tools as part of WP5 activities. The iAOS
platform has the objective to integrate multidisciplinary and distributed data repositories and
provide a set of tools for data analysis, transformation and visualization. The iAOS will offer
access to observations and derived parameters and seamless integration with geo-statistical
methods for interpolation of spatiotemporal datasets, including the new observations from
WP2-3-4, and store the generated datasets in iAOS enabled repositories.
The platform will facilitate access to multidisciplinary data, scalable allocation of data storage
and computer power for integrative data processing and analysis. Selected applications from
WP6 aim at demonstrating also the usefulness and functionality of the platform in service
development. These applications address the significance of enhanced integration of data
from Arctic observing systems, covering a range of remote sensing and in-situ platforms in
geographically different locations covered by iAOS.
The iAOS platform and tools presented in this document cover the system and user essential
functionality for data discovery view, download, transformation, and processing workflows,
which efficiently address the challenges of Big Data (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity,
Value). With a capacity for Cloud deployment of new processing services for multi-source
data, iAOS also benefits from a standard approach for defining processing chains (workflows)
and assignment of DOIs for the newly generated datasets. The iAOS architecture is supported
by a cloud infrastructure to facilitate the management of the applications’ lifecycle
(integration, validation and deployment in production).

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