Dr. Erik Buch
Dr. Glenn Nolan
Dr. Vicente Fernandez

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EuroGOOS AISBL (European Global Ocean Observing System) Founded in 1994 and registered as an International Non-Profit Association in 2013. EuroGOOS represents 40 national governmental agencies, research organisations  and private companies from 19 EU countries, committed to European-scale operational oceanography (OO) within the context of IOC/GOOS.  EuroGOOS works in the collective interest of its members, to improve the quality and cost effectiveness in the production of OO services at national, regional and global levels. The establishment of regional systems (ROOS) and strong cooperation within these enable the involvement of many more regional partners and countries in the promotion and development of OO. Through its Working Groups and Task Teams, EuroGOOS develops strategies, priorities and standards in order to establish a concerted European approach to the development of OO to the benefit of sustainable blue growth. EuroGOOS has had a strong involvement in the establishment of the concept of EOOS – an integrated and operational European Ocean Observing System. The EuroGOOS Conference, organized every three years, is a milestone in OO, providing a forum for international scientific experience sharing. 

Role in the project

EuroGOOS will actively contribute with operational marine expertise, international cooperation and management to:

  • WP1: (deputy lead) establish links to and maintain cooperation with stakeholders, formulation of an engagement strategy, establishment of an Arctic Forum and the establishment of an roadmap for a future Sustainable Arctic Observing System. 
  • WP2: assess the marine component of the existing Arctic observing system and gap analysis 
  • WP6: Demonstrate how improved operational Met-Ocean-Ice product and services can support Blue Growth in the Arctic and transform results from the AtlantOS study on “Analysis the economic potential associated with observatories” into an Arctic context.