Towards a roadmap for coordinated Arctic Observing

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 12:00 to 18:00
Berlin, Germany

Prior to the Arctic Science Ministerial meeting, the Arctic Observing Summit Executive Committee, the EU Joint Research Centre and SAON had organised a side meeting with the title Towards a roadmap for coordinated Arctic Observing; approximately 80 people attended.

The Arctic Science Forum, held the day before the Ministerial meeting, had three themes:
1. Strengthening, Integrating and Sustaining Arctic Observations, Facilitating Access to Arctic Data, and Sharing Arctic Research Infrastructure
2. Understanding Regional and Global Dynamics of Arctic Changes
3. Assessing Vulnerability and Building Resilience of Arctic Environments and Societies

In the draft statement from the ministerial meeting, SAON is mentioned (with others) in a context where ministers want to continue and expand the cooperation within the first theme by progressively moving from the design to the deployment phase of an integrated Arctic observing system which also supports and includes community-based observatories.