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Communication in INTAROS is a cross-cutting activity that is strategically planned with a view to the societal impacts we want to bring about. By developing a coherent communication plan (WP7) addressing focused activities INTAROS will raise awareness and engagement in issues of Artic observations. We target different stakeholder groups, namely: policy and decision makers; business sectors; service providers; scientists; local communities; high school teachers and students; and the general public.
The INTAROS website, (, to be launched on March 2017, is one of the main vectors for communication of all project relevant information, such as public downloadable products, presentations, news and events related to the project work scope. Furthermore, the website provides basic information regarding the project beneficiaries and links to their websites. The website follows the EC guidelines to support the activities of the project, promote communication among all partners and be a vehicle of promotion of the project to the "external world".

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