Field experiment on lake ice in Inner Mongolia, China

The MARIS (Multi-Parameters Arctic Environmental Observations and Information Services) project team conducted a field experiment on lake ice surface in Wuliangsuhai Lake, Urad Front Banner, Bayan Nur, Inner Mongolia. MARIS is the Chinese counterpart project to INTAROS led by Dr. Yubao Qiu, Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science (AIR, CAS). The main scientific objectives of this experiment are lake ice physical observation and mechanism of remote sensing research, ground and air data acquisition, and the first verification test of remote sensing in lake ice phenology, thickness and lake ice classification in remote sensing monitoring of rivers, lakes, sea ice. More information about the experiment can be found at the PEEX Blog site:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 09:00 to Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 17:00
Wuliangsuhai Lake, Inner Mongolia, China