ASSW2021: Session ID85: Use and Usability of Data and Information within Arctic Community-Driven Research

Friday, March 26, 2021 - 15:30 to Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 17:00

Responding to accelerating social and environmental change in the Arctic requires informed decision-making at the community scale that draws on both Indigenous knowledge and relevant and accessible research-based information. This session will address approaches to enhance and expand the use and usability of data and information within Arctic community-based research. Contributions will focus on efforts to advance Indigenous knowledge and data sovereignty, collaborative and user-driven research with Arctic communities, the development of community data management systems, and understanding Arctic community requirements for usable research. Lessons will be shared that highlight important considerations and strategies regarding technical approaches to community data stewardship, capacity building, development of user-tools, and evaluating the use and usability of research outputs. While this session will focus on information use at the community scale, we will also address the value, considerations, and opportunities for sharing community-based data and knowledge within regional to pan-Arctic observing networks.

Conveners: Noor Johnson (University of Colorado Boulder), Finn Danielsen (Nordic Foundation for Development and Ecology), Roberta Glenn (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and Lisbeth Iversen (Nansen Environment and Remote Sensing Centre)

Oral Presentations (all times in GMT)
15:30 - Introduction by the conveners
15:35 - A usability framework for community data management: Supporting knowledge mobilization through the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA), Matthew Druckenmiller and Noor Johnson
15:50 - Bridging Inuit knowledge and academic research to study a shifting marine ecosystem and Arctic char fisheries in the Canadian High Arctic, Marianne C. Falardeau
16:05 - Linking top down and bottom up initiatives and knowledge: Community-based monitoring and co-creation approaches for sustainable urban development in the Arctic, Lisbeth Iversen
16:20 - The coproduction of Unmanned Aircraft System solutions in support of U.S. Arctic Sustainability and Stewardship, Jessica Garron, Jereme Altendorf, John Henry and Margaret Hall
16:35 - Tracking changes in the coastal ecosystem of the Alaskan Arctic through a collaborative network of observers in coastal Indigenous communities, Roberta Glenn, Donna D.W. Hauser, Johsua Jones, Krista Heeringa, Billy Adams, Joe Leavitt, Guy Omnik, Steven Patkotak, Roberta Puya Shaeffer, Carla SimKayotuk and Hajo Eicken
16:50 - Open discussion on orals and posters

E-Poster in this session
Connecting top-down and bottom-up approaches in environmental observing: Lessons for the Arctic and a review of programs across the globe, Hajo Eicken, Finn Danielsen, Josephine-Mary Sam, Maryann Fidel, Yukon River, Noor Johnson, Michael K. Poulsen, Olivia A. Lee, Katie V. Spellman, Lisbeth Iversen, Peter Pulsifer and Martin Enghoff.