ASSW2021: Session ID:25 Experiences in Sustaining Collaborative Arctic Research Teams (2)

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 15:30 to 17:00

Recognition of the connected nature of the Arctic has precipitated the growth of interdisciplinary Arctic research efforts internationally. Collaborative research teams have developed from informal discussions and formal agreements of large, interdisciplinary projects. While scientific results may get a lot of exposure, the best practices for supporting the participation of diverse partners from the outset of planning proposals, and supporting research teams that cross knowledge systems are often not shared widely. This session invites contributions from researchers across career levels to share experiences from participation in interdisciplinary teams on topics such as sustaining effective communication in teams or developing long term relationships among collaborators. We welcome insight from research teams that range in size, but that cross disciplinary and institutional boundaries with projects occurring from local to international scales. Session contributors will be invited to share materials on best practices for developing and sustaining research teams to be hosted on the ARCUS website.

Conveners: Olivia Lee (University of Alaska Fairbanks), Christina Goethel (University of Maryland) and Karen Pletnikoff (Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Inc)

Oral Presentations (all times in GMT)
15:30 - Introduction by the conveners
15:35 - Data sharing between Community-based observing systems and scientific observations, Stein Sandven, Peter Pulsifer, Finn Danielsen, Torill Hamre and Lisbeth Iversen
15:50 - Bering Strait seabird die-off: Partnering in search of answers, Robb Kaler, Gay Sheffield, Brandon Ahmasuk, Stacia Backensto, Jackie Lindsey and Tim Jones
16:05 - The IARPC Model: Mechanisms for large-scale collaborative efforts, Meredith LaValley, Liz Weinberg, Hazel Shapiro, Ann-Christine Zinkann and Sara Bowden
16:20 - Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System- a holistic approach, Heikki Lihavainen, Dariusz Ignatiuk, Christiane Hübner, Inger Jennings and Shridhar Jawak
16:35 - Open discussion on orals and posters

E-Posters in this session

1) Prototyping an Arctic Practices System: a methodological knowledge base for sustainable development, Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Jay Pearlman and Pauline Simpson
2) Changing Coastlines, K. Pletnikoff, A. Poe, K. Murphy, A. Holman, L. Heffner, D. Holen, H. Stewart, C. Beck
3) Sustaining Subsistence, K. Pletnikoff, A. Poe, K. Murphy, A. Holman, L. Heffner, D. Holen, H. Stewart, C. Beck
4) The ocean is our grocery store..., K. Pletnikoff, A. Poe, K. Murphy, A. Holman, L. Heffner, D. Holen, H. Stewart, C. Beck