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Grazing enhances carbon cycling but reduces methane emission during peak growing season in the Siberian Pleistocene Park tundra site 2022-02-02 W. Fischer; C.K. Thomas; N. Zimov; M. Göckede Journal Article
Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom 2020-01-27 P. Massicotte Journal Article
Greenland liquid water discharge from 1958 through 2019. 2020-11-14 K.D. Mankoff; B. Noël; X. Fettweis; A.P. Ahlstrøm; W. Colgan; K. Kondo; K. Langley; S. Sugiyama; D. van As; R.S. Fausto Journal Article
Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation. 2020-06-10 F. Danielsen; T. Adrian; P.M. Jensen; J. Munoz; J.F. Shirk; N.D. Burgess Book Chapter
High geothermal heat flux in close proximity to the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream 2018-01-22 S. Rysgaard; J. Bendtsen; J. Mortensen; M.K. Sejr Journal Article
Ice discharge error estimates using different cross-sectional area approaches: a case study for the Canadian High Arctic, 2016/17 2018-06-14 P. Sánchez-Gámez; F. Navarro Journal Article
Impact of fertiliser, water table, and warming on celery yield and CO2 and CH4 emissions from fenland agricultural peat 2019-06-01 M. Matysek; J. Leake; S. Banwart; I. Johnson; I. Johnson; J. Kaduk; A. Smalley; A. Cumming; D. Zona Journal Article
Impact of shrubs on snow specific surface area and surface albedo at a low arctic site – in-situ measurements and simulations 2020-03-21 M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; M. Barrere; G. Picard; L. Arnaud Journal Article
Improved water vapour retrieval from AMSU-B and MHS in the Arctic. 2020-07-09 A.M. Triana-Gómez; G. Heygster; C. Melsheimer; G. Spreen; M. Negusini; B.H. Petkov Journal Article
Initial results from deployments in Baffin Bay: WP4 : Biogeochemical floats in the Arctic 2017-01-01 M. Babin; C. Marec; L. J.; X. Xing Conference Proceedings Article
INTAROS Community-Based Monitoring Experience Exchange Workshop Report M. Fidel; N. Johnson; F. Danielsen; H. Eicken; L. Iversen; O. Lee; C. Strawhacker Book
INTAROS mapping of requirement for observations in the Arctic 2018-01-18 E.; Buch; M. Tjernström; S. Quegan; A. Ahlström; G. Heygster; T. Soltwedel; F. Danielsen; G.; Ottesen; T. Johannessen; S. Sandven Conference Proceedings Article
INTAROS synthesis of gap analysis of the existing Arctic observing systems 2022-05-04 R. Pirazzin; M. Tjernström; S. Sandven; H. Sagen Conference Proceedings Article
Interview on RTE (Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster - Let's Dive In podcast) 2020-11-24 UiB Presentation
Introduction to the special issue on ocean acoustics in the changing Arctic 2022-04-22 P.F. Worcester; M. Badiey; H. Sagen Journal Article