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Monitoring Temporal Trends in Internet Searches for “Ticks” across Europe by Google Trends: Tick–Human Interaction or General Interest? 2022-02-08 P.M. Jensen; F. Danielsen; S. Skarphedinsson Journal Article
Connecting Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches in Environmental Observing 2021-04-28 H. Eicken; F. Danielsen; L. Iversen; P. Pulsifer; al. et Journal Article
Added value of assimilating springtime Arctic sea ice concentration in summer-fall climate predictions 2022-05-04 J.C.Acosta Navarro; J. García-Serrano; V. Lapin; P. Ortega Journal Article
Components of 21 years (1995–2015) of absolute sea level trends in the Arctic 2022-01-22 C.B. Ludwigsen; O.B. Andersen; S.K. Rose Journal Article
Introduction to the special issue on ocean acoustics in the changing Arctic 2022-04-22 P.F. Worcester; M. Badiey; H. Sagen Journal Article
A dataset of underwater passive acoustic recordings from a 2-year mooring deployment in Fram Strait (UNDER-ICE) 2021-11-30 F. Geyer; H. Sagen; E. Storheim Journal Article
A dataset consisting of a two-year long temperature and sound speed time series from acoustic tomography in Fram Strait, 2022-04-01 F. Geyer; H. Sagen; B. Dushaw; A. Yamakawa; H.M. Dzieciuch; Journal Article
Analysis of signal propagation in the UNDER-ICE experiment 2021-11-17 E. Storheim; H. Sagen; H. Geyer Journal Article
Mapping Arctic Observing Systems and In Situ Data Collections 2022-04-12 F. Monsen; T. Olaussen; H. Sagen; T. Hamre; G. F.; K. Lygre; R. Pirazzini Journal Article
Envisioning a global multi-purpose ocean acoustic network 2021-06-01 J.L. Miksis-Olds; E. Rehm; B.M. Howe; P.F. Worcester; H. Sagen Journal Article
Using ice-ocean environment from GECCO reanalysis into Bellhop to better understand sound propagation in the Fram Strait 201-12-14 S. Hu; H. Sagen; E. Storheim; W. Chen; B. Yin Journal Article