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BLOXHUB debates-City life in times of Corona 2020-06-24 L. Iversen Presentation
Course on Collaborative Resource Management, course plan, reading materials, course program, lectures and exercises . 2020-08-05 NORDECO Miscellaneous
Proceedings of the Experience Exchange Workshop in Japan, Collaborative Resource Management and Community Based Monitoring in the Arctic 2020-11-25 NORDECO Miscellaneous
Outreach Special issue on ERL 2020-11-25 USFD Miscellaneous
Interview on RTE (Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster - Let's Dive In podcast) 2020-11-24 UiB Presentation
Contribution of shipping noise in an Arctic underwater soundscape (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard). Oral presentation at IQOE Virtual Conference on Arctic Ocean Acoustics 2020-11-23 G. Richard; D. Mathias; J. Bonnel; E. Amice; L. Chauvaud. Presentation
SIOS Marine Infrastructure Workshop 2020-11-19 IOPAN; CNRS Miscellaneous
NORDREGIO Forum. Panel on Asset Based Community Development and Co-Creation approaches 2020-11-18 L. Iversen Presentation
Workshop with Barents Sea stakeholders (management and industry) 2020-11-17 IMR Miscellaneous
IQOE Virtual Conference on Acoustics in the Arctic Ocean, 11-12 Nov 2020 2020-11-11 NERSC Miscellaneous
Grazing enhances carbon cycling but reduces methane emission during peak growing season in the Siberian Pleistocene Park tundra site 2022-02-02 W. Fischer; C.K. Thomas; N. Zimov; M. Göckede Journal Article
The West Spitzbergen Current in Fram Strait: insight from a model-observation analysis 2019-05-22 M.N. Houssais; C. Herbaut; P. Roland; P. Testor; A.C. Blaizot; L. Mortier Poster
Coupling a fjord circulation model with subglacial discharge to a glacier dynamics model with calving, through the estimation of submarine melting at the glacier front 2020-03-15 E. de Andrés Thesis / Dissertation
Sustained high winter glacier velocities from brief warm events 2021-05-03 L. Decaux; K.D. Mankof; M. Grabiec; J. Tuszynska; B. Luks; J.A. Jania Journal Article
The Underwater Vision Profiler 6: an imaging sensor of particle size spectra and plankton, for autonomous and cabled platforms M. Picheral; C. Catalano; D. Brousseau; H. Claustre; L. Coppola; E. Leymarie; J. Coindat; F. Dias; S. Fevre; L. Guidi; J.O. Irisson; L. Legendre; F. Lombard; L. Mortier; C. Penkerch; A. Rogge; C. Schmechtig; S. Thibault; T. Tixier; A. Waite; L. Stemmann Journal Article