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Ending a Sea of Confusion: Insights and Opportunities in Sea-Level Change Communication. 2020-08-24 T. Moon; T. Scambos; W. Abdalati; A.P. Ahlstrøm; R. Bindschadler; J. Gambill; P. Heimbach; R. Hock; K. Langley; I. Miller; M. Truffer Journal Article
Improved water vapour retrieval from AMSU-B and MHS in the Arctic. 2020-07-09 A.M. Triana-Gómez; G. Heygster; C. Melsheimer; G. Spreen; M. Negusini; B.H. Petkov Journal Article
Global distribution of photosynthetically available radiation on the seafloor. 2020-06-29 J.P. Gattuso; B. Gentili; D. Antoine; D. Doxaran Journal Article
Surface emergence of glacial plumes determined by fjord stratification. 2020-06-18 E. DE ANDRÉS; D.A. Slater; F. Straneo; J. Otero; S. Das; F.J. Navarro Journal Article
Handbook of Citizen Science in Ecology and Conservation. 2020-06-10 F. Danielsen; T. Adrian; P.M. Jensen; J. Munoz; J.F. Shirk; N.D. Burgess Book Chapter
Website establishment, UArctic Thematic Network on Collaborative Resource Management 2020-06-04 Miscellaneous
Long-term monitoring of glaciers in Hornsund (Svalbard) with remote sensing data. 2020-06-04 M. Błaszczyk; J.A. Jania; B. Barzycka; M. Ciepły; M. Grabiec; D. Ignatiuk; L. Kolondra; A. Kruss; M. Laska; B. Luks; M. Moskalik; T. Pastusiak; A. Strzelewicz; W. WALCZOWSKI; T. Wawrzyniak Presentation
A BGC Argo array in Baffin Bay (Website) 2020-06-08 CNRS Miscellaneous
Etudes de blooms phytoplanctoniques en Baie de Baffin: adapter les flotteurs BGC Argo à l’Arctique 2020-06-08 CNRS Presentation
Nordic Placemaking Webinar. 2020-06-09 L. Iversen Presentation
Presentation on co-management and community-based monitoring in the Arctic, UArctic Assembly 2020 2020-06-10 NORDECO Miscellaneous
La fonte de l’Arctique, une bombe à retardement pour la planète. 2020-06-18 CNRS Miscellaneous
Les conséquences du dégel du pergélisol sur l'environnement et le réchauffement climatique. 2020-06-15 CNRS Miscellaneous
ISAR-6 presentations on Collaborative Resource Management and Community Based Monitoring. 2020-06-16 S. Takahashi; F. Danielsen Miscellaneous
Webinar D-box launch at DOGA. National research Center For Innovation in Public Sector . 2020-06-22 L. Iversen Presentation