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Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom 2020-01-27 P. Massicotte Journal Article
A versatile marine modelling tool applied to arctic, temperate and tropical waters 2020-06-10 J. Larsen; C. Mohn; A. Pastor; M. Maar Journal Article
When Clocks Are Not Working: OBS Time Correction 2020-05-15 K. Loviknes; Z. Jeddi; L. Ottemöller; T. Barreyre Journal Article
Vertical Land Motion From Present‐Day Deglaciation in the Wider Arctic. 2020-11-25 C.Ankjær Ludwigsen; S.Abbas Khan; O.Baltazar Andersen; B. Marzeon Journal Article
Worldwide version-controlled database of glacier thickness observations. 2020-11-24 E. Welty; M. Zemp; F.J. Navarro; M. Huss; J.J. Fürst; I. Gärtner-Roer; J. Landmann; H. Machguth; K. Naegeli; L.M. Andreassen; D. Farinotti; H. Li; G.T.D. Contributors Journal Article
Greenland liquid water discharge from 1958 through 2019. 2020-11-14 K.D. Mankoff; B. Noël; X. Fettweis; A.P. Ahlstrøm; W. Colgan; K. Kondo; K. Langley; S. Sugiyama; D. van As; R.S. Fausto Journal Article
Preparing the New Phase of Argo: Scientific Achievements of the NAOS Project. 2020-11-05 P.Y. Le Traon; F. D’Ortenzio; M. Babin; E. Leymarie; C. Marec; S. Pouliquen; et al Journal Article
Preparing the New Phase of Argo: Technological Developments on Profiling Floats in the NAOS Project 2020-11-05 X. André; P.Y. Le Traon; S. Le Reste; V. Dutreuil; E. Leymarie; D. Malardé; et al. Journal Article
Modeled Microbial Dynamics Explain the Apparent Temperature Sensitivity of Wetland Methane Emissions 2020-10-31 S.E. Chadburn; ; T. Aurela; M. Baldocchi; D. Biasi; C. Boike; J. Burke; E.J. Comyn-Platt; E. Dolman; J. Duran-Rojas; C. Fan; Yuanchao; T. Friborg; Y. Gao; N. Gedney; M. Göckede; H.Gary D.; D. Holl; G. Hugelius; L. Kutzbach; H. Lee; A. Lohila; F.J. Parmentier; T. Sachs; N.J. Shurpali; S. Westermann Journal Article
New allometric equations for arctic shrubs and their application for calculating the albedo of surfaces with snow and protruding branches. M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; S. Boudreau; G. Picard; M. Barrere; L. Arnaud; M. Paradis Journal Article
Norwegian Coast Guard sails high-latitude Arctic voyage to Beaufort Sea (H. Sagen interviewed) 2020-10-27 T. Nilsen Miscellaneous
Arctic mid-winter phytoplankton growth revealed by autonomous profilers. 2020-09-25 A. RANDELHOFF; L. LACOUR; C. Marec; E. Leymarie; J. LAGUNAS; X. Xing; G. DARNIS; C. PENKERC’H; M. SAMPEI; L. FORTIER; F. D’ORTENZIO; H. CLAUSTRE; M. Babin Journal Article
Social Sciences and Beyond in the Arctic 2020-09-15 S. Saville; D. Brode-Roger; M. Albert; M. Ferguson; C. Ødegaard; Z. Sokolicková; L. Iversen; E. Le Cour; A. Meyer; P. Duda Journal Article
Sea Level Change in the Arctic Ocean (PhD Thesis) 2020-09-15 C. Ludwigsen Miscellaneous
Changes of glacier facies on Hornsund glaciers (Svalbard) during the decade 2007–2017. 2020-08-27 B. Barzycka; M. Grabiec; M. Błaszczyk; D. Ignatiuk; M. Laska; J.Ove Hagen; J. Jania Journal Article