Public deliverables

Number Name Description
D2.8 Report on exploitation of existing data: Land and cryosphere

This report presents higher-level products from existing terrestrial and cryosphere measurements, developed within INTAROS WP2 by applying new methodologies for data processing and derivation of new quantities. The report presents both satellite-derived products and products from in situ observing systems within the terrestrial sphere and the cryosphere.

The exploited higher-level...

D2.9 Catalogue of products and services based on land and terrestrial cryosphere data

This document contains the description of the INTAROS online data catalogue, which includes data collections that were not previously available, and of the effort done in INTAROS to make selected in situ and satellite land and terrestrial cryosphere data collections accessible through existing repositories.

D5.3 Data Integrated from Existing Repositories V1

This deliverable document contains a summary about the first 'expansion phase' of the ‘Data Integration from Existing Repositories’ into the iAOS. Basically the work for this deliverable would not be possible at all without a close entanglement of the duties in task 2.3 and task 5.3. Accordingly, there was close cooperation between WP2 and WP5 in the respective project phase. This manifests...