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Routine uncertainty propagation for the marine carbon dioxide system 2018-11-20 J.C. Orr; J.M. Epitalon; A.G. Dickson; J.P. Gattuso Journal Article
Towards an advanced observation system for the marine Arctic in the framework of the Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) 2019-02-13 T. Vihma; P. Uotila; S. Sandven; D. Pozdnyakov; A. Makshtas; A. Pelyasov; R. Pirazzini; F. Danielsen; S. Chalov; H.K. Lappalainen; V. Ivanov; I. Frolov; A. Albin; B. Cheng; S. Dobrolyubov; V. Arkhipkin; S. Myslenkov; T. Petäjä; M. Kulmala Journal Article
Combined SMAP–SMOS thin sea ice thickness retrieval 2019-02-28 C. Paţilea; G. Heygster; M. Huntemann; G. Spreen Journal Article
The West Spitzbergen Current in Fram Strait: insight from a model-observation analysis 2019-05-22 M.N. Houssais; C. Herbaut; P. Roland; P. Testor; A.C. Blaizot; L. Mortier Poster
Impact of fertiliser, water table, and warming on celery yield and CO2 and CH4 emissions from fenland agricultural peat 2019-06-01 M. Matysek; J. Leake; S. Banwart; I. Johnson; I. Johnson; J. Kaduk; A. Smalley; A. Cumming; D. Zona Journal Article
ARCTIC DATASETS IN THE INARS INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION 2019-07-01 A. Mahura; T. Petaja; H.K. Lappalainen; al. et Conference Proceedings Article
Polar Ocean Observations: A Critical Gap in the Observing System and Its Effect on Environmental Predictions From Hours to a Season 2019-08-06 G.C. Smith; R. Allard; M. Babin; al. et Journal Article
Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom 2020-01-27 P. Massicotte Journal Article
Coupling a fjord circulation model with subglacial discharge to a glacier dynamics model with calving, through the estimation of submarine melting at the glacier front 2020-03-15 E. de Andrés Thesis / Dissertation
Impact of shrubs on snow specific surface area and surface albedo at a low arctic site – in-situ measurements and simulations 2020-03-21 M. Belke-Brea; F. Domine; M. Barrere; G. Picard; L. Arnaud Journal Article
When Clocks Are Not Working: OBS Time Correction 2020-05-15 K. Loviknes; Z. Jeddi; L. Ottemöller; T. Barreyre Journal Article
Website establishment, UArctic Thematic Network on Collaborative Resource Management 2020-06-04 Miscellaneous
Long-term monitoring of glaciers in Hornsund (Svalbard) with remote sensing data. 2020-06-04 M. Błaszczyk; J.A. Jania; B. Barzycka; M. Ciepły; M. Grabiec; D. Ignatiuk; L. Kolondra; A. Kruss; M. Laska; B. Luks; M. Moskalik; T. Pastusiak; A. Strzelewicz; W. WALCZOWSKI; T. Wawrzyniak Presentation
A BGC Argo array in Baffin Bay (Website) 2020-06-08 CNRS Miscellaneous
Etudes de blooms phytoplanctoniques en Baie de Baffin: adapter les flotteurs BGC Argo à l’Arctique 2020-06-08 CNRS Presentation