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ARCTIC DATASETS IN THE INARS INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION 2019-07-01 A. Mahura; T. Petaja; H.K. Lappalainen; al. et Conference Proceedings Article
Arctic Humidity Inversions: Climatology and Processes 2018-05-15 T. Naakka; T. Nygård; T. Vihma Journal Article
Arctic mid-winter phytoplankton growth revealed by autonomous profilers. 2020-09-25 A. RANDELHOFF; L. LACOUR; C. Marec; E. Leymarie; J. LAGUNAS; X. Xing; G. DARNIS; C. PENKERC’H; M. SAMPEI; L. FORTIER; F. D’ORTENZIO; H. CLAUSTRE; M. Babin Journal Article
Atlantic Waters Warming the Arctic 2017-09-30 A. Beszczynska-Möller Report
Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: impacts on ecosystems and human well-being 2017-03-31 G.T. Pecl Journal Article
Biogeochemistry: Long-term effects of permafrost thaw 2016-09-29 D. Zona Journal Article
BLOXHUB debates-City life in times of Corona 2020-06-24 L. Iversen Presentation
Challenges, strategies and impacts of doing citizen science with marginalized and Indigenous Communities 2022-02-28 P. Benyei; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Changes of glacier facies on Hornsund glaciers (Svalbard) during the decade 2007–2017. 2020-08-27 B. Barzycka; M. Grabiec; M. Błaszczyk; D. Ignatiuk; M. Laska; J.Ove Hagen; J. Jania Journal Article
Citizen Science 2022-04-26 D. Fraisl; F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Coastal erosion and mass wasting along the Canadian Beaufort Sea based on annual airborne LiDAR elevation data J. Obu Journal Article
Combined SMAP–SMOS thin sea ice thickness retrieval 2019-02-28 C. Paţilea; G. Heygster; M. Huntemann; G. Spreen Journal Article
Community Monitoring of Natural Resource Systems and the Environment 2022-02-28 F. Danielsen; al. et Journal Article
Community-Based Monitoring in the Arctic 2020-12-15 F. Danielsen; al. et Book
Comparison of Lyman-alpha and LI-COR infrared hygrometers for airborne measurement of turbulent fluctuations of water vapour 2018-05-18 A. Lampert; J. Hartmann; F. Pätzold; L. Lobitz; P. Hecker; K. Kohnert; E. Larmanou; A. Serafimovich; T. Sachs Journal Article