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A BGC Argo array in Baffin Bay (Website) 2020-06-08 CNRS Miscellaneous
A synthesis of the arctic terrestrial and marine carbon cycles under pressure from a dwindling cryosphere 2017-01-23 F.J.W. Parmentier Journal Article
A two-dimensional glacier–fjord coupled model applied to estimate submarine melt rates and front position changes of Hansbreen, Svalbard 2018-09-26 E. DE ANDRÉS; J. OTERO; F. NAVARRO; A. PROMIŃSKA; J. LAPAZARAN; W. WALCZOWSKI Journal Article
A versatile marine modelling tool applied to arctic, temperate and tropical waters 2020-06-10 J. Larsen; C. Mohn; A. Pastor; M. Maar Journal Article
A vision for global biodiversity monitoring with citizen science 2018-01-03 M.J.O. Pocock; F. Danielsen Journal Article
An analysis of the errors in the calculation of ice discharge through flux gates. Application to Nunavut tidewater glaciers, Canada 2018-01-24 P. Sánchez-Gámez; F. Navarro Conference Proceedings Article
An automated algorithm for detection of snow and ice thickness on the basis of data from SIMBA sea ice 2017-02-19 Z. Liao Conference Proceedings Article
An improved water correction function for Picarro greenhouse gas analyzers 2017-06-06 F. Reum; C. Gerbig; J. Lavric; C. Rella Journal Article
An Updated View on Water Masses on the pan‐West Greenland Continental Shelf and Their Link to Proglacial Fjords 2020-12-10 S. Rysgaard; W. Boone; D. Carlson; M.K. Sejr; J. Bendtsen; T. Juul‐Pedersen; H. Lund; L. Meire; J. Mortensen Journal Article
Arctic carbon cycling T.R. Christensen Book Chapter
Arctic mid-winter phytoplankton growth revealed by autonomous profilers. 2020-09-25 A. RANDELHOFF; L. LACOUR; C. Marec; E. Leymarie; J. LAGUNAS; X. Xing; G. DARNIS; C. PENKERC’H; M. SAMPEI; L. FORTIER; F. D’ORTENZIO; H. CLAUSTRE; M. Babin Journal Article
Atlantic Waters Warming the Arctic 2017-09-30 A. Beszczynska-Möller Report
Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: impacts on ecosystems and human well-being 2017-03-31 G.T. Pecl Journal Article
Biogeochemistry: Long-term effects of permafrost thaw 2016-09-29 D. Zona Journal Article
BLOXHUB debates-City life in times of Corona 2020-06-24 L. Iversen Presentation