Public deliverables

Number Name Description
D5.2 IAOS Platform and Tools v1

This document defines the iAOS platform and tools as part of WP5 activities. The iAOS
platform has the objective to integrate multidisciplinary and distributed data repositories and
provide a set of tools for data analysis, transformation and visualization. The iAOS will offer
access to observations and derived parameters and seamless integration with geo-statistical

D5.3 Data Integrated from Existing Repositories V1

This deliverable document contains a summary about the first 'expansion phase' of the ‘Data Integration from Existing Repositories’ into the iAOS. Basically the work for this deliverable would not be possible at all without a close entanglement of the duties in task 2.3 and task 5.3. Accordingly, there was close cooperation between WP2 and WP5 in the respective project phase. This manifests...

D5.4 iAOS Portal with User Manual V1

This document describes the iAOS portal, which provides a joint access point to the data integrated by iAOS. The iAOS portal has been developed in cooperation with users, based on their requirements for search and access, processing and visualization of data. These requirements have been captured in a set of user stories, which is a systematic approach in agile software development for...